It is common knowledge that Jews have been discriminated against but few are aware that such discrimination has been going on for 2,500 years and in so many different parts of the world.

This work focuses on the actual Official Anti-Jewish Acts of Jewish discrimination, in part because Official Acts are verifiable and because the Official Acts have produced a broad picture of Jewish discrimination over substantial time and geography. (This work uses the following terms interchangeably: Official Anti-Jewish Acts, Official Acts, OAJA and Acts.) This project began in 2011 with its goal being to show the extent of those Official Anti-Jewish Acts, from the first such Act in history through the 20th century (Dec. 31, 2000). The date ranges we have found so far are from 9/28/456 BC to 10/31/1969.

The first stage of our project ending Dec. 31, 2020, has found and posted (translated into English as needed) 2,763 Acts*. In addition, we have found and added to this site 873 probable and possible Acts that have been referred to in print, but our researchers were unable to confirm.

Completing This Project

Given that this work covers several thousand years of history, it’s probable that not all of the documentation about Official Anti-Jewish Acts have survived or will be found. Therefore, this project will probably never be 100% complete, but it can and should end up containing most of the Official Anti-Jewish Acts known.

Next Step

OAJA is looking for an organization or group to take over the project, which we call Stage II, and move it toward completion.

*Of the Acts, 224 are Nazi Acts. Our researchers spent little time focusing on Nazi Acts (1920 to 1944) as there are probably several thousand of them and probably should be put together by a German University or other organization.

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