Many know that Jews have been discriminated against for several thousand years. What isn’t well known or agreed on is why there has been so much discrimination against them for so long, and in so many parts of the world. 

While many historians and experts have studied the reasons for such discrimination, although theories abound, no clear consensus on that question has emerged.

Prepare to be surprised if not shocked at the many and wide ranging Official Anti-Jewish Acts chronicled below and in other parts of this website.  

I. Jewish Discrimination Defined

Official Anti-Jewish Acts for this work are defined as:

“Official Acts against Jews (in some cases against Jews and others), that were in effect for at least a moment in time. Such Official Acts include, but are not limited to, Official Acts issued by governments, militaries and churches, proclamations, church canons, bulls, patents, ordinances, and final court decisions (such as those on the level of a country Supreme Court).”

II. 2,763 Acts by Century

A. DateB. ActsA. DateB. Acts
1.400 BC213.8002
2. 300 014.9001
6.100 AD018.1300312

III. 2,763 Acts by Geography[1]

A. CodeB. Country or Area as of 7/1/2016C. Non-Nazi ActsD. Nazi Era ActsE. Totals
2.Non-Eurasian / No longer existsAlexandria, Achaemenid Empire (Present-day Egypt)303
3.Present-day Eurasian countryArab League101
5.Present-day Eurasian countryAustria5302532
7.No longer existsBavaria, From Holy Roman Empire to Modern Germany36036
8.Present-day Eurasian countryBelarus011
9.Present-day Eurasian countryBelgium101
10.No longer existsBohemia/Habsburg/Moravia1740174
12.Present-day Eurasian countryBulgaria011
13.Present-day Eurasian countryCroatia033
14.Present-day Eurasian countryCzech Republic1300130
15.Present-day Eurasian countryDenmark86086
16.Non-EurasianDominican Republic101
18.Present-day Eurasian countryEngland (Great Britain, UK)30030
19.Present-day Eurasian countryEstonia101
20.Present-day Eurasian countryFrance97198
21.Non-EurasianFrench Territories / French West Indies202
22.Present-day Eurasian countryGermany, Non-Nazi era[3]8700870
23.Present-day Eurasian countryGermany / Nazi era0119119
24.Present-day Eurasian countryGermany / Nazi era Occupied Countries04040
25.Present-day Eurasian countryGreece112
26.Present-day Eurasian countryHolland202
27.No longer existsHoly Roman Empire1310131
28.Present-day Eurasian countryHungary6410
29.Present-day Eurasian countryIceland202
30.Present-day Eurasian countryIran101
31.Present-day Eurasian countryIraq202
32.Present-day Eurasian countryItaly501868
35.Present-day Eurasian countryLatvia13013
36.Present-day Eurasian countryLibya101
37.Present-day Eurasian countryLichtenstein101
38.Present-day Eurasian countryLithuania9110
39.Present-day Eurasian countryLuxembourg101
40.Present-day Eurasian countryMoldova101
41.Present-day Eurasian countryNetherlands213
42.Present-day Eurasian countryNorway202
43.No longer existsPapal States20020
45Present-day Eurasian countryPhilippines101
46.Present-day Eurasian countryPoland41344
47.Present-day Eurasian countryPortugal303
48.No longer existsPrussia1610161
49.No longer existsRoman Empire20020
50.Present-day Eurasian countryRomania21113
51.Present-day Eurasian countryRussia30030
52.Present-day Eurasian countrySerbia011
53.Present-day Eurasian countrySlovakia022
54.Present-day Eurasian countrySpain31031
55.Present-day Eurasian countrySweden606
56.Present-day Eurasian countrySwitzerland12012
57.Present-day Eurasian countryTunisia101
58.Present-day Eurasian countryTurkey202
59.Present-day Eurasian countryUkraine303
60.Non-EurasianUnited States303
61.No longer existsVatican City303
62.Present-day Eurasian countryVenice202
63.No longer existsVichy France01212
64.No longer existsVisigothic Kingdom101

[1] A Present-day Country is a country still in existence. When a Present-Day Country is listed inside brackets in the Act with other countries (or areas no longer in existence), the first Present-day Country will usually receive credit in the chart for that Act, unless it is a large former geographical region like the Roman Empire. For Nazi-Occupied Acts – although Germany is listed first, the Act is counted in the category “Germany / Nazi era Occupied Countries.” These are the three categories for the countries or areas counted: [back to top]

– NLE = Countries and Empires that no longer exist (NLE); A Present-day country or countries will be listed to show where the NLE formerly existed.

– NEC = Non-Eurasian country/region such as the United States, Canada, Africa.

– PdE = Present-day Eurasian country/region.

[2] “There are no official acts by the Australian Government specifically against Jewish people. All of the anti-Jewish acts in Australia come from individuals and a handful of non government groups.” Peter Wertheim, Executive Director of the Executive Council of Australian Jewry in an email response on 11/26/2017. [back to top]

[3] Includes, but not limited to: Archduchy of Mecklenburg-Strelit, Bohemia Electorate of Cologne, Duchy of Saxe-Weimar, Duchy of Silesi, Free Imperial City of Frankfurt and Wetterau, Free Imperial City of Mainz, Free Imperial City of Oppenheim, Hanseatic League Braunschweig/Brunswick, Kingdom of Bavaria, Landgraviate of Hesse, Margraviate of Brandenburg, Prince-Bishopric of Passau, Prince-Bishopric of Würzburg, Dukedom of Bavaria and County of Palatine, Swabian Imperial Cities of Esslingen, Swedish Pomerania, Wittelsbach Dynasty [back to top]